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2024 Tax Filing Assistance

In partnership with the United Way of Central Oklahoma,
NSO is offering free tax filing assistance!

Requirements are:

  • Household incomes under $63,398
  • Valid Social Security Number (SSN)
  • US Citizen or a resident all year
  • Investment income under $11,000
  • Cannot file IRS Form 2555 (related to foreign earned income)

Required Documents:

  • Photo ID for you and your spouse (if applicable)
  • Social Security card for you, your spouse, and any dependents you claim, including children
  • Birthdates for you, your spouse, and dependents
  • Wage and earning statements such as IRS Form W-2 from all employers Any interest/dividend statements from banks
  • Copies of last year’s federal and state returns if you have them Mortgage interest
  • Student loan interest
  • Medical or HMO premiums paid for self and family members Any daycare expenses and the daycare’s tax ID
  • If filing jointly, both must be present to sign

If you meet the above requirements, then you are eligible to receive tax filing assistance with NSO!

If you have any questions about signing up, or need assistance signing up, please call 405-236-0452.

More information can be found at If you have any questions about filing your taxes, you can email